Eternal Refuge Fatima A TRUE STORY Spring of 1916


As it happened. It is taken directly from Lucia's Memoirs and checked by her in person. She still lives today and is now a nun, Sister Maria Lucia of the Immaculate Heart.

Spring of 1916

Lucia as usual was out in the fields with the sheep. This time, her little cousins, Jacinta and Francisco were her companions and playmates.
"We had gone with the sheep to the section of my father's land that lies at the foot of the Cabeco" "..We played only a short while, when a strong wind shook the trees, and made us raise our eyes to see what was happening, for the day was serene. There above the trees toward the East, we began to see a light, whiter than snow. It was the form of a young man, transparent, more brilliant than a crystal pierced by the rays of the sun..." Lucia tried to describe each detail of his appearance." As he approached, we began to distinguish his features.
We were so surprised and half absorbed, and we could not utter one word. He came near us and said:

" Fear not! I am the Angel of Peace. Pray with me!"

The Angel knelt on the ground and bowed very low. By some inspiration, they imitated him and repeated the words they heard him pronounce:
" My God, I believe, I adore, I hope, and I love You. I beg pardon of You for those who do not believe, do not adore, do not hope, and do not love You." " He repeated this prayer three times. Then he arose and said: " Pray this way. The Hearts of Jesus and Mary are attentive to the voice of your supplications."
....It was while resting there, during one early afternoon, the Angel visited them again.
Lucia tells us what happened: "What are you doing?"The Angel suddenly appeared at their side. "Pray! Pray a great deal! the hearts of Jesus and Mary have designs of mercy for you! Offer unceasingly to the Most High prayers and sacrifices! " But how are we to sacrifice ourselves? Lucia said. "Offer up everything within your power as a sacrifice to the Lord in an act of reparation for the sins by which He is offended; and of supplication for the conversion of sinners. Thus invoke peace upon our country. I am her Guardian Angel; the Angel of Portugal. Above all, accept and bear with submission the sufferings that the Lord may send you."