Eternal Refuge Fatima A TRUE STORY June 13 of 1917


June 13th of 1917
They all began the Rosary, and as they finished, one girl began the Litany. But Lucia stopped her, " There's no time for it now" Then she got up and shouted, " Jacinta, Jacinta, here comes Our Lady. I Just saw the flash The three of them ran over to the smaller holmoak. Everyone followed and knelt upon the brush and furze. Lucia raised her eyes towards the skies, as if in prayer, and was heard to say, " You told me to come here today. What do you want me to do ? The others heard something that sounded like a very gentle voice did not understand what was said. " It is like the gentle humming of a bee Maria da Capelinha whispered. Lucia in later years tell us as follows: " I want you to come here on the thirteenth of the next month. Say the Rosary, inserting between the
mysteries the following ejaculation _' O My Jesus, forgive us, Save us from the fire of Hell, Bring all soul to Heaven, especially those in most need.' I want you to learn to read and write and later I will tell you what else I want."
Then Lucia asked Our Lady to cure a sick person who was recommended to her. Our Lady answered. " If he is converted, he will be cured within the year. I would like to ask you also to take us to Heaven ! " Yes, Our Lady answered, " I will take Jacinta and Francisco soon, You, however, are to stay here a longer time. Jesus wants to use you to make me know and loved. He wants to establish the Devotion to my Immaculate Heart in the world. I promise salvation to those who embrace it and their souls will be loved by God as flowers placed by myself to adorn His throne. Am I going to stay here alone ? Lucia asked, full of sadness at the though of losing her beloved cousins. " No My Daughter. Lucia's eyes filled with tears. "Does this cause you to suffer a great deal? I will never leave you, my Immaculate Heart will be your refuge and the way that will lead you to God. As she said these last words, Lucia
tells, the Blessed Virgin opened her hands and communicated to us for the second time the reflex of the immense light that enveloped her. We saw ourselves in it, as if submerged in God. Jacinta and Francisco seemed to be on the side that was ascending to Heaven, and I was on the side that was spreading over the earth.

There was a Heart before the palm of the right hand of Our Lady, with thorns piercing it. We understood that this was the Immaculate Heart of Mary, so offended by the sins of mankind, desiring reparation. .

Francisco Marto

June 11, 1908
April 4, 1919.

On March 13 1952 the remains of little Francisco were carried from the Fatima cemetery to be interred in the transept of the great Fatima Basilica. Three of his brothers were pallbearers.

Jacinta Marto

March 11, 1910
February 20, 1920

When the tomb of Jacinta was opened in 1951 her body was found practically incorrupt. Her remains are also entombed in the transept of the Basilica at the Cova da Iria,

Right side Rev. Dr. Luis Fisher examines Jacinta's body at the first exhumation on September 12, 1935. A further exhumation in 1951 again found that Jacinta's body hat not decayed after thirty years in the grave.