Eternal Refuge First Enthronement Once we had finished, in the house of God, the official ceremonies of the sacraments to become a new family, following the tradition of the Holy Church, with the very important result of having Our Lord with in us, we went with Him, Our Lord, the priest, and all our relatives and friends, to make our new home:
by inviting our Lord to stay with us, as our family member, and to become, The King and Ruler of our new family, in another words, we all went to do:
The Enthronement ceremony.
One reason for the Enthronement could be, to offer our
home to Jesus, not closing our home to Him like was done at the time of His birth, when all doors where closed to the Holy Family.
And she brought forth her firstborn son, and wrapped him up in swaddling clothes, and laid him in a manger ; because there was no room for them in the inn.
Holy Bible @ St. Luke 2. 07
Contrary to the world, and because of our love to The Holy Family, we offer them, the little that we have, that is, all that we have, our hearts, our will, and our home,
because every new family first desire should be, being members of God's family.
“Them shall have our home and hearts, before us.”
That is basically the Enthronement ceremony, to pronounce an invitation to our Lord , while you to take a picture reminder of His image, and set it up on the best place of your home, so it will remind you every time that you see it, that He is the King, Ruler, Provider, and Protector of your new family, your home, and yourself. As part of the ritual of the Enthronement, every place of the house was blessed by the Priest.
Grant us o Lord that by your love; we love mutually and live according to your Holy Law.

The first Enthronement of God in our first new home.

October 10Th of 1976.

We must fight the great contemporary error of the enthronement of man
in the place of God.
God alone deserve to be Enthrone in our hearts and in our home.