Eternal Refuge THE ROSARY


April and May of 1992
The Holy Bible of the poor, that is also how the Holy Rosary it is call, because people long time ago couldn't read the Holy Bible. To read and write was a luxury only for the wealthy and the learned, but for the poor such a thing was not possible, it was considered a luxury not affordable for those who must work to survive and with this work, barely keep the daily days of survival for the family, so the most common way to pray among poor families was by saying a passage of the Holy Bible, and at the same time meditating on one(of many) Mysteries of The Life of Our Lord Jesus Christ.This tradition went from generation to generation and my family too gather together to pray the Holy Rosary. My earthly Mother give me one day a beautiful Rosary that belong from my Grandmother who born to eternal life, it was a beautiful Rosary, especially because belong to my family from Spain and the owner person was very devout to this devotion, but also beautiful Rosary, because was built in a very special way, every bead was engrave with a figure expressing the Litany of Loreto. One day my friend and Franciscan priest was requested to go to Medjugorje to be the Spiritual Director of a group of pilgrims from America who were on a pilgrimage trip to the former Yugoslavia where was reported same events like in Fatima (Portugal), My Franciscan friend accept the responsibility, and did requested to each family of our Parish one Rosary to be brought to Medjugorje to be Bless (mean touch) by our Holy Mother Mary; my wife and children without my knowledge finally decide that should be my Rosary the one who should be carry to be bless, and one night when we finished to pray our daily rosary they give me the news so my Rosary with the pilgrim group and my Franciscan Priest and friend went to their pilgrim trip. Finally I got my Rosary back, we were very please that my Rosary was touch by our Heavenly Mother and we all share to pray with it. One day when all our family plus a few friends that were visiting us, we all just finished to pray the Rosary, my son Joaquin ask me:" Daddy would
you exchange my Rosary for your Rosary?
When I heard his question I act like I did not listen to his request, but in my heart I said " In your dreams I will exchange my Rosary." All Rosaries that I know, should have normally five decades of beads, with the exception of the Franciscans Rosaries that have seven decades, my son Rosary have six decades but was missing the three beads of faith hope and love, at the beginning of the Rosary, so my son ask me for second time: " Daddy would you give me your Rosary ? " then, I question him back with another question What is wrong with your Rosary, why is missing the three beads of the beginning of the Rosary? and he answered I don't know it was like this when somebody give it to me, but would you trade Rosaries with me? I could not keep ignoring his request no longer because every body was waiting for my answer, so I said to Him at the same time that I was putting my Rosary in His hands, Here is my Rosary !!! But give me yours because I am going to fixed right now !! So I'm going to take this six decade out and make it five decades Rosary like every normal Rosary, and from these ten beads I am going to take three and put it where belong at the beginning of the Rosary like this, and these seven beads that I have left, I will keep it as spare ones on this box, so in case of some beads will brake on me I can fixed again, so.... look now it is fixed the Rosary !! When I said this at the same time I was showing on my palms hands the Rosary to every body ...... I shout: Woe !!! Look at the whole Rosary, just changed colors !!!!
From silver color, to gold color, even the Body of Jesus Christ at the Crucifix !!! is color gold too.
Thank you Lord !!

There is a beautiful Franciscan prayer that Saint Francis of Assisi taught as to pray and said these :
Lord, make me an instrument of your peace.
Where there is hatred, let me show your Love.
Where there is injury,let me show your Pardon.Where there is discord, let me show your Peace.Where there is doubt, let me show your Faith.Where there is lie, let me show your Truth. Where there is despair, let me show your Hope. Where there is sadness, let
me show your Joy. Where there is darkness, let me show your Light.

O Divine Master, grant that I may not seek:
To be consoled, as to Console.To be understood, as to Understand.To be loved, as to Love. For : It is in giving, how we are Receiving. It is in pardoning, how we are Pardoned. And it is in dying, how we Born to Eternal Life.
" It is in giving, how we are receiving. "
It was very hard for me to give my Rosary, I didn't gave it immediatly, took me three request from my son, but what count to God is that we try our best, and God did Bless this action by giving a Touch on the Rosary that I wouldn't trade with, This Holy touch made me love instantly my son Rosary and I did let it go my grandmother's Rosary with complete joy. After this we were longing to be in Medjugorje, so I request to our Holy Mother to make a Miracle so we the complete family as one, could go to Yugoslavia to be with her, one week later we heard that Our Lord and Our Mother was seen in America like in Fatima Portugal, every thirteen of the month by one person, only seven hours from where we live in Florida. When we heard this we said:
Lord please make room for us, because we are going as pilgrim's to visit this place.
And what happened to us in this pilgrimage it is explained in PILGRIM !!


To pray means to talk and the best way to talk with God it is with your heart, this means that every word that you say, you are in mind heart and soul meaning what you are saying, just like when you talk with a person and you mean what you are saying, the same must be when you talk with God, you can't talk with God saying something and at the same time you are thinking on something else, sorry but that can't be call "talk with God."

To start the Rosary like every time that we talk with God you must start doing a sign of the Cross over your self meaning that you are Christian, this is a sign that in times of persecution the early Christians did to recognize each other, and since then we continue to do it. The way we do is very simple, with your right hand holding your Rosary as in the Fig.1 (As you can see, the Rosary it is at the palm of the hand and The cross is hold by your three fingers, the position of the hand looks as Jesus put His Holy Hand when he was Blessing, and we do it as He did it, again to recall him.)
You to touch your front head saying: In the name of the Father, then you touch your center of your body at the high of your heart saying: and of the Son, then you touch your left shoulder saying: and of the Holy then you touch your right shoulder saying: Spirit and finally as a pious custom, you kiss The Cross with the body of Our Lord saying: Amen. These five touch that you are doing in your body means that every thing that you think with your head, and every thing that you do with your body from left to right, it is for the glory of God our Father.

Then holding by the Crucifix of the Rosary (@ # 1) you say the Apostles' Creed (named like this because this prayer was compose by all the Apostles, each one compose one verse, and they pray like this during all times of persecution, in secret, at meetings and specially at the hour of death as all the martyr's did, Holy Bible THE ACTS. 7 55 -59) and every time that you recite this prayer God promise that He will grant the grace on earth so that one person will convert to be Christian, and that will be count as fruit of everlasting life for the person who has recited:

The Apostles' Creed:
I believe in God, the Father Almighty, Creator of heaven and earth; and in Jesus Christ, His only Son, our Lord; who was conceived by the Holy Spirit, born of the Virgin Mary, suffered under Pontius Pilate, was crucified, died and was buried. He descended into Hell, the third day He arose again from the dead. He ascended into heaven, sits at the right hand of God, the Father Almighty, from thence He shall come to judge the living and the dead. I believe in the Holy Spirit, the Holy Catholic Church, the communion of the saints, the forgiveness of sins, the resurrection of the body, and the life everlasting. Amen.

Please pray for me so that through the infinite Mercy and Love of God Our Father, I will finish this page soon, and all for His Glory and for His Holy Name. Thank you very much, and may God Bless you.

To Serve God and You.