Eternal Refuge PILGRIM


June 13th of 1992

In Friday June, 12Th of 1992, our whole family went on a pilgrimage trip, (we were told that will take us about six hours on car, 450 miles from our home) to a site reported that something similar to FATIMA, was happening here in America,(to know about Fatima, please double click at under line Fatima ), we went trying to keep these ten golden rules of Our Lord:

  1. Deny ourselves.
  2. Take up our cross daily.
  3. Accept whatever God will, permit that happen to us.
  4. In all things give thanks to God.
  5. Extinguish not the spirit.
  6. Despise not the prophecies.
  7. But prove all things.
  8. Hold fast that which is good.
  9. From all appearance of evil refrain ourselves.
  10. And hope that may the God of peace himself sanctify us in all things;
    that our whole spirit, and soul, and body, may be preserved blameless in the coming of our Lord Jesus Christ.

One main reason to make this pilgrimage trip was to offer up all the difficulties of the trip, and to be with our Lord and Mother, as a very little act of love, and very little act of courtesy towards Our Mother and Our Lord Who have the desire to meet his people at this site, and to welcome Them where ever the place They choose to be with their people. So prior to the trip we got all kind of difficulties and problems to cancel the pilgrimage, there was the hand of darkness trying to void all the graces that we will receive from God, but we persevere in our plans, finally when I finish my work at 4.30 P.M. and we all get ready and just started the trip on the road, our car start to make a loud noise and a huge cloud of smoke came under the hood of the engine, our belt and our compressor of the air conditioning system just burnt, we manage to get down-town to a auto-parts store and get a belt, on the parking lot when I was installing the belt, suddenly start lightning and rain broke up, we got the car running again but without a/c, the storm got very bad we could not see the road and the trucks were very close to us, and making very difficult to see the road, so my wife beg to pull aside until the storm pass or calm a little bit, but I said to my wife that if we stop, we will be late and chances could be that we will loose our hotel reservation, and that the storm will never pass and will stay with us so that we could not make this pilgrimage trip; and something like that did happened, the storm did follow us all the way up of the trip, and stood with us the all next day ( took around nine hours or more to get in the "hotel") When we enter in the room of the hotel, the roaches start running all over the floor and the walls, the bathroom door was out of service and had a big whole under it, the bed sheets were very dark color I could say dark gray (originally white) and there was attached to the beds a machine coin to make the beds to shake.
Lord have mercy !! Again I got almost a riot in the family, complains every where, but there was nothing that I could do, where you will go at 2.00 A.M. to find a room when the near available hotel was 200 miles from the site? So I said to them: " When Our Lord came to earth, there was no room at the hotel and They got a cave with a cow and mule and all kind of roaches and flies and no beds but a manger where the beast eat, and we got at least a room, with roof and walls, we have water, bathroom and two dirty beds, and even we complain for that, They didn't !!!, so offer up to God, He will bless us for these sufferings, remember that we are in a pilgrimage trip and not in a vacation trip. Offer up all these sufferings that God permit that happened to us, for the conversion of sinners or the end of abortion !! finally we stay but my wife and daughter sit at the sofa all night long. No body could sleep so around 6.30 A.M. we all were inside of the apparitions house and at the center of the room, there was not many people at that hour maybe 10 to 15, so everybody start to pray the Five Joyful Mysteries of the Holy Rosary, when we finished my little son Michael-Angel ask me if we are going to have breakfast, my answer was that if we move we will loose our place at the apparition room, and at that moment was already full, so I said to him offer up that sacrifice, later we will have breakfast, and we start to pray the Five Sorrowful Mysteries, it was around 8.30 A.M. when we finished with the Sorrowful Mysteries, a volunteer name Vincent, said to all of us in the room, that Our Lord appreciate all our prayer and devotion, but we must understand that out of the room were thousands of pilgrims that some had been driving 14 hours to get at the apparition site, and they would like to share the room for at least a minute, this means that no body can stay permanently at the room so we have to make a moving lane to obtain that every body could share the room. When we got outside of course was raining, and Michael-Angel ask again if we can have now breakfast, and I said what we are going to have is a free schedule, if you want to have breakfast, you can have it, if you want to pray the Rosary you can do it, if you want a walk around you can do it, but I'm not going to be wander around, and doing nothing, do you all see that man with yellow shirt and yellow flag directing the traffic, I going to help him out !! And that it is what we all did, everybody got in their own agenda, so I did ask the volunteer person if I could help, and his answer was: God bless your heart !!, grab one yellow shirt and flag, and start directing the cars to park at the wet grass and up hill, but be careful because some drivers will run over you!! In no time was people every where, cars, busses, handicaps, my Lord what a chaos!! There was no more room to park cars, so they decide to shutdown the parking lot with signs directing people out of the apparition site, and I was told to stay at the entrance and tell to the pilgrims to turn around and find parking in some place else,..... Lord Have Mercy !!! Busses could not turn around and just download pilgrims, chairs, tables, umbrellas, freezers, radios...,. at the middle of the road blocking the traffic like we were at a picnic area. The pilgrims walking at the street and the cars trying to move was a picture of no patience in no where !! When I said to the first car to turn around because the lot was full and close due to that there is no more room to park, the driver answer: Oh... Yea !! That is you !!..... Because Our Mother will never due that to us !! I requested: 'What you mean ? He explained:" I have a handicap tag as you can see, and my handicap relative is seating at the back seat of the car as you also can see, we had been driving for 14 hours to get here !!, and now that we got to the entrance, you..... !!!! Tell us that the lot is close because there is no more room to park...., and that is you...!! Because Our Mother will never said that to us !! For a moment I could not said nothing, just the sound of :.. Hum !!! So putting myself in his situation I said to him: Our Mother will never do that to you.. !! ... so neither do I !!! We can't block the entrance of the apparition site !!! do you see the ditch at the side of the driveway? I want you to throw your car in the ditch if it is necessary, you may park there, but don't block the drive way !! About 14 more handicaps drove in, one after the other, they probably were being sent because they were the only ones driving in. Finally the apparition driveway site ditch at both sides were full, so I turn around and looking to heaven I said:

Mother !! There is no more room to park handicaps !!! you got to stop this !!
Now every body was walking among cars at the road, and one police patrol car, park at the ditch in front of the driveway were I was directing the people, and he came out of the car, walking among the pilgrims and towards me !! And when the officer was at few yards from me, he started to speak very loud, and every body could heard him saying:
'You got to buy more land !!! You are blocking a public road !!! You are in trouble !!!
Boy he was hot.... !! So I look for the owner of the property around my sides and saw no body..... So I turned around me to look who was behind me..... no body... !! I wanted to see who was the owner of this crazy place... no body was standing around me, in fact, even the pilgrims were getting away from me, Oh.. boy !!...I look alone !! So when a get around again towards the officer he was at one foot from me with his finger pointing at my nose saying: Do not turn your back to me !!....When I am talking to you !! You are blocking a public road !! You can do all these chaos in your property !! But you can't block the public road !!! The public road does not belong to you !! So you got to buy more land to feet every body in your private property !! Pretty soon someone will die here by accident !!!! And guest what.... You are the first one, that I will put in jail !!!!
So I answered to him:
Easy now.. Wait... Tomorrow !!.... We will buy all the land that we need !!! Because God will provide, as He always have done !!! And I am sure of that !!!! But that will be tomorrow !!! Now, our Lord !! ...Want us to live the day as of today, and do not be worry about tomorrow !!! Because the day, as of today, it is long enough with enough problems !!! To think about tomorrow !!! Today what we need is a great virtue !!! And that virtue is PATIENCE !!!
I am no body, I have a yellow shirt, and a yellow flag, and I am a little helper trying to void the accident that is going to happen , I agree with you on that...!!! But you are the AUTHORITY !!! You have the UNIFORM !!! You have the CON-DECORATIONS !!! You have the GUN !!! You represent the AUTHORITY here !!!! So you tell to the PUBLIC.. tell them !!!!, GET OUT OF THE PUBLIC ROAD !!! And I am here to help you out !!! WILL SEE IF THE PUBLIC LISTEN TO YOU !!! Lest do it !!!!...

He laugh and pounding my back he said :
Just try your best !!!
Then he walk towards the apparition house maybe looking for the owner of the apparition site. While I was seeing the thousands of pilgrims walking towards the apparition house, my son Joaquin Jr. who was helping also, came to me saying:
Daddy !!! It is almost noon and the apparition is going to start, lest go and see !!!.. Lest be with the family !!
I answered:
Joaquin, I can't go... I got to watch that the driveway is not block by no body, if we have any emergency we got to get in and out quickly, so I have to stay here and keep the way free. You can go !! Go and see what is going on !! And when is Finnish tell me what did happened !! He answered:
No, if you can't go, I can not go either !!! I said to him:
Joaquin, you have to be the head of the Family now, I want you to be with your little brother and your sister, and your mother and take care of them, be with them and tell me later what happen, go and be with them now !!
He went, and I look to the avalanche of pilgrim's walking towards the apparition house and I said to Our Mother:
"Mother, the pilgrim's sooner or later will get to the apparition house and be close to you, but I don't, I have a yellow shirt and a yellow flag and I am a yellow pole buried at the entrance to watch the driveway, I can not move and be with You, but I offer up for You this sacrifice.
Just as I finish to said that, the helper that throw every body out of the apparition room, (with good motive) came to me very worry saying:
One person is dying at the apparition house !!! two month a go one person died overwhelm from the emotions, if this happen again, the authorities will shut down the apparition site, and we can not let that the graces from heaven stop coming !! Because Our Lord and Our Mother need this site open, so we all can receive these graces !! We had call the paramedics and they are on their way, what we want is to set-up the seek person at the ambulance as soon as we can. Pray that if it is the will of God that this person have to die, let that happen in the ambulance or at the hospital but not here !! As soon you see them arrive, guide them to the apparition house, and keep their way clear !!!
And he left faster then when he arrive !!! Shaking my head I said to my self: Boy !!! The officer who was here just minutes before the " EMERGENCY CALL !! He would like to hear it !!... I bet you that he would love to put me in jail if someone die here.... As he promise me !!!...
And I star to pray:
Oh Lord, please if this person have to die because it is Your Divine will, let it be, but please Lord, not here, Lord !! Please make sure that he dies on the ambulance or better more at the hospital with all the family around him and with Your comfort Lord.
Don't let that happen either please !! We want to keep this place open, but we need your help !!!! ...

A big fire engine truck show up with all the lights on and the siren warning every body out of the way, of course that was the biggest truck that I have ever seen, and that could not get in the driveway with so many cars, so they park at the side of the road, and while they were running towards me they shout: Where is the apparition house !!!! I was pointing toward the house shouting back : That one there !! Please hurry up !!! That one there !!!! Then the ambulance show up, I had clear the drive way of pilgrim's and told them:
Please get in, it is that house there !!! They were very calm and said: No... We will park at the road too !!! And they did, so I went to them and ask : Why don't you drive to the apparition house ? they need you there fast !!! they answered : No we are O.K. everything is fine !!! I could not understand their calm, so I request: Can I help you out to get there faster !!!! and immediately the answer was: Yes !! You can pull the bed if you want !!! and that it is what I did all the way up to the back porch of the apparition house, when we get there and I was putting down the bed, because I did considered that will not be my best place to be with a seek person, and that my place was at the driveway because now no body was there, the paramedics suddenly got all the hurry of the world and push me with the bed through the door of the house saying:
Don't stop now !!! Hurry up !!, Hurry up !! we got to get to the patient !!!
Due to the set-up of the house there was no space to turn around, so I went first through the kitchen of the house then the very narrow walk way, ( just room for the paramedics bed) Straight at the end of this walk way, there was the door that leads to the apparition room. In this room of the apparitions, there is a wall decorated with coquina rock were is also a chimney. At the left corner of this wall, there are stands among both walls, and there is where the Statue of Our Loving Mother is situated, there was a kneeler where the visionary kneel down to greet Our Loving Mother.

At the right of the end of the walk way, there was the room where was the patient, this room is side by side with the apparition room. I went over the bed of the patient, I was crawling the bed and identifying my self saying:
Hello Ma-mm, my name is Joaquin and the paramedics are coming behind me,
(they were crawling on the paramedics bed, as I was crawling on the bed of the patience because the room was full of things every where with no room to move no where)
are You O.K. ? She answered:
I don't know what happen to me, I don't understand how come I got so overwhelm, this is not my first time here !! And I know that Our Mother is here !!! So I don't know why this is happening to me, I am so shame to cause all this trouble !!!
I tried to calm her by saying: That is no trouble at all Ma-mm, don't worry about it, Our Mother will take good care of you. I heard the song of :
Ave..Ave.. Ave Maria....Ave.. Ave.. Ave Maria...
And through a very laud outside speaker saying:
Our Blessed Mother is here...!!!!
Everything was very quiet, finally the paramedics came through the same way, asking many questions like:
What is your name, how many fingers I have in this hand ? Can you look up here ? What happened, what do you feel ? Can you move your left arm ? Now your right ?
When I heard the Ave song, I have tears in my eyes realizing that I was inside of the apparition house, just separate from one thin wall of the apparition room, and I said in my heart :
Mother, I can't believe what You did !!! Just few minutes a go, I said to You, that I was a yellow pole buried at the driveway and could not move, and look where You move that yellow pole !!!! I am inside of the apparition house !!! Just separate from You by one thin wall of the apparition room !!!
And through the speakers I heard:
" Our Mother said that:
I was crying towards the wall, I didn't want to worry the patient nor the paramedics, and I said in my heart:
" Oh... Mother there are thousands of pilgrim's and many too are talking to you about the walls, but I am one of them too !!!... And you have answered us !!!!! One pilgrim who was inside of the apparition house, when she heard that Our Mother said that in the
apparition room there was no walls, she took a picture of the walls at the apparition room where the statue of Our Mother is, and when develop the film the picture show no walls at the room, and you can see a white van at the road and the entrance of the driveway where the yellow pole who was suppose to be buried there, also you can see the people and the trees all through the walls at outside of the apparition room.
Finally the paramedics were moving out of the house with the patient, when we got out side of the house every body was very quiet, because at that very moment through the speakers a message from Our Loving Mother was given to the pilgrim's, so quietly I was telling to the pilgrim's to open a way so the paramedics and the patient could go through, when we were at five yards from the house, from the speakers we could hear that:
"Our Blessed Mother is crying a dark substance that look like blood"
and at that precise moment the patient while laying on the paramedics bed and lifting up both arms shout out loud:
" Mother !! I want to give you thanks for Your Holy Hands, because this paramedics treat me so good, that I know that they are your Holy Hands.
Thank You Mother For Your Holy Hands !!!
We all laugh, every body around who heard that laugh. Even that the moment of the message was very serious and sad, but we all laugh because was very kind from that patient to witness so suddenly. Then we heard from the speakers:
" I don't understand !!! Our Blessed Mother is laughing !!!
Of course the people inside of the apparition room could not understand why Our Loving Mother was crying something like blood and suddenly was laughing !!! She was laughing because like we all were laughing to the spontaneous witness that the patient did to Our Blessed Mother, and there was no walls at the apparition room for Our Loving Mother, and She can see everything, but the people inside of the room could not know what was happening outside of the room. That ring my bell and I said in my heart :
" Woe !!! Mother You are here for sure !!! Is not a imagination of someone, the visionary don't know what is going on out of the room but YOU YES !!! In Your sorrow You laugh and You live with what is going on in every where !!!! And here I am not paying attention to what you are saying !!! I got to get back and listen !!!!
So we hurry towards the ambulance. And the ambulance left to the hospital with the patient alive thanks God. The rain was harder, I run as fast as I could and when I get under a big tree, (five yards from the apparition house) I heard trough the speakers:
"...., as you make the Sign of the Cross, I will depart yet I will remain with you. Remember to thank my Son and I thank you, all my children. I love you." " IN THE NAME OF THE FATHER, AND OF THE SON, AND OF THE HOLY SPIRIT, AMEN !!! She is moving up..., she is at the ceiling.....,she is gone !!!
Oh... boy,..... I was sad,.... I was crying like a baby, I felt that I miss the whole thing !!! So crying and in my heart I said:
Mother !!! I am a bone head !! And I will never change !!! I came here to be with YOU and with my family praying together !!!! And look how I ended...., I have a yellow shirt, a yellow flag I have argue all day long with the pilgrims, with the drivers of the busses, with the police, with every body !!! And I have not even pray one Our Father with You, and now.... You are gone !!!
The tears and the water from the rain were running to my nose and I felt tickle at my nose and with my right hand I cover it to remove the water, and when I took my hand out of my nose I was struck with a strong odor of Roses !!! and I said:
" Woe.... I LOVE YOU TOO MOTHER !!!!
(When you smell roses suddenly without no natural reason, it is Our Loving Mother embracing you, telling you:
and you must answer back:
So She knows that you are aware of Her presence, and you are courteous and attentive by returning Her greeting.) I felt my lips very dry so with my tongue I make my lips wet again and I notice a very, very sweet taste !!! This very sweet taste made me look at my right hand and I saw that my right hand was very, very white, like when you put your hand in a bucket of milk and when you take your hand out and see your hand that very white, just like that white I saw my right hand, and I move my fingers to feel how was it, and was very smooth, like when you have bleach in your hands and with water you are trying to clear your hands, and they are very slippery hands and very smooth, than I said:
Suddenly all my sadness disappear, I was so much happy !!! That in my joy I said:
Now Mother I am going to go back to the driveway and take all the cars and busses out at once !!! And that it is what I did right do way !!!! Today I regret that I didn't think better, because I would like to lick my hand, but I am OK because was not meant to be !!!
During this day while I was arguing with every body, my wife and our children were praying the fifteen decades of the Holy Rosary under the rain, and Our Blessed Mother was with then all the time because they could smell the scent of roses right where they were, My daughter Laura Rosary change color from silver to gold and one pilgrim was touch seen a 14 years old girl praying the Rosary and promise them one picture as a gift from her because of their devotion.

The next day Sunday was a beautiful day and another pilgrim give us a little crucifix bent, replica of the crucifix that the Vicar of Christ carry.

said that: We the Christians must bent like the crucifix and like the Body of Christ is bent too. And not be rigid so we will not accept our others brothers and sisters in God. We must be able to bend so we can get closer and closer to be one Universal Church, where we all will be brothers and sisters under one God and One Church.
At The Monastery we give our Rosaries and miraculous medals and the bent Crucifix replica to the Priest for to bless these Sacramentals, and my son Joaquin took the little chain holding the two miraculous medals an the little bent crucifix, and with his tooth press on the rings so that the miraculous medals and the bent crucifix will not gather as one and stay at the
chain separate from each other. And He said:
Daddy, every body in the family has experienced something, your Rosary change color as Laura too, Mommy Laura and Michael were smelling scent of roses, but nothing happened to me, and I offer up not to be playing soccer but to be here, and you know how much means to play soccer to me, you know how much I enjoy to be playing then to do any other thing. What that means ? Am I doing something wrong ? I answered:
Joaquin I know how much you love to play soccer, and God loves you very much for your sacrifice. God loves every body the same way, and you are not doing nothing wrong, what happened is that you are call to learn perseverance and to learn patience, but at the end you will see how good is Our Lord, and you will never be disappointed with Our God.
What happened the next month to the MIRACULOUS MEDALS !! , it is explain on the next page.

Pilgrim means person who goes on a journey, and we are all pilgrim's because we all are suppose to be on a journey to heaven, others to hell, but we all are together on a journey!!!. Every day by day, we should get closer and closer to heaven, and farther and farther of hell, but there is people that knowingly and unknowingly want to live in hell and that is the only reason why hell exist, because people by their on will, want to live in hell. Therefore God that knows every thing said:

Not every one that saith to me, Lord, Lord, shall enter into the kingdom of heaven;
but he that doth the will of my Father who is in heaven,
he shall enter into the kingdom of heaven.

Holy Bible @ Saint MATTHEW 7. 21

And what is the will of God our Father ?

In all things give thanks; for this is the will of God in Christ Jesus concerning you all. Extinguish not the spirit. Despise not the prophecies. But prove all things; hold fast that which is good.From all appearance of evil refrain yourselves. And may the God of peace himself sanctify you in all things; that your whole spirit, and soul, and body, may be preserved blameless in the coming of our Lord Jesus Christ.

Holy Bible @ First Epistle of ST. Paul to the THESSALONIANS 5. 18 - 23

To resume, to enter in heaven we must do three things!!!!

And he said to all: If any man will come after me, let him deny himself, take up his cross daily, and follow me

Holy Bible @ Saint LUKE 9. 23

If we try to do these three things;
Lord are we busy !! Just try one day to observe these three rules, and you will agree with me how busy are we by keeping these three rules all day long without falling, (you will see how many difficulties and temptations just in one day you will have to not get in heaven) don't forget that our Lord said daily!!!! That daily word doesn't meant for one day, or one week, or one year, daily means every day until we will be call to heaven, and that, without precipitating things to get in heaven earlier!!!!! These is why Our Lord said:

Enter ye in at the narrow gate: for wide is the gate, and broad is the way that leadeth to destruction, and many there are who go in thereat. How narrow is the gate, and strait is the way that leadeth to life: and few there are that find it!

Holy Bible @ Saint MATTHEW 7. 13 - 14

Without God we can't do nothing

I am the vine; you the branches: he that abideth in me, and I in him, the same beareth much fruit: for without me you can do nothing.

Holy Bible @ Saint JOHN 15. 5

Without God we will go to hell

If any one abide not in me, he shall be cast forth as a branch, and shall wither, and they shall gather him up, and cast him into the fire, and he burneth.

Holy Bible @ Saint JOHN 15. 6

Even that look so difficult to enter in heaven by doing the three conditions;
With God we will be able to do anything,
and will be very easy even to enter in heaven.

If you abide in me, and my words abide in you, you shall ask whatever you will, and it shall be done unto you. In this is my Father glorified; that you bring forth very much fruit, and become my disciples.

Holy Bible @ Saint JOHN 15. 7 - 8

God Our Father, please send us Holy Priest,
all for the Sacred and Eucharistic Heart of Jesus,
all for the Sorrowful and Immaculate Heart of Mary in union With Saint Joseph, Amen.