Eternal Refuge MIRACULOUS MEDAL !!


July 13th of 1992
Our entire Family plus some members of another three different families we all went again in a pilgrimage to the same place. This occasion I wanted to have less responsibilities to be more free in order to pay more attention to the Message of Our Loving Mother, so this time I was parking cars on a place more pleasant than the last time.

My little son Michael ( 5 years old)

He did like it to come and go, to be among mommy and daddy. Sometimes he spent his company with me and love to wear the yellow shirt and wave the flag to guide cars to a free place to park.

When he got tired he went to where his mother was and stay with her, most of the time.

If mommy was walking, or praying, little Michael did too.

The time was getting close to start the Holy Rosary and many thousands of pilgrims came from all the world to be around the apparition house to pray the fifteen Mysteries of the Most Holy Rosary with Our Loving Mother.

Our family with our friends went too.
Just prior
to the Message
of our
Loving Mother,
Michael came
where I was
and we both together
listen to
the Message.

the Message
was at
the part of:
...I bless you. At this time you may hold the articles you brought with you
and I will bless them....
I took my Rosary and my medal put it in my hand and I said to my son:
" Mike !!! take your medals and your Rosary and put it in your hand.
So Our Loving Mother will bless it !!!!

I look to my son and he was not moving instead he was very seriously looking to my eyes. So I said to him again:
Come on Michael, hurry up !!! Take your medals and your Rosary and hold it in your hands so Our Loving Mother will bless it, but hurry up !!! She is not going to wait for you all day long !!!

Then my son answer me with kind of asking for mercy:
"Daddy!!!.... I was thirsty, I went to the water station to drink water, but I have to climb on the concrete wall of the fountain to reach the faucet. I didn't want to scratch or brake the medals and the crucifix. I took it the chain and medals out of my shoulders, I did put the chain with the crucifix and the medals at the foot of the wall, I did climb to the fountain, did drink water, get down and when I went to pick it up the medals, the medals
were not there...Some body took it ...I don't know Daddy !!!

He almost have tears in his eyes, and I was move with so much pity towards him so I said to him:

Oh Michael, don't worry about it. It is O.K.
And the Message of Our Loving Mother continued with:
Please tell my children I've received the petitions of your hearts and I've brought them to my Son. Please make the sign of the cross as I depart. Remember to thank my Son."
After the Message I gave my medals to my son and putting on his shoulders I said to him: Michael with so much evil in the world we can not walk without protection from heaven, we got to have these protection by carrying these medals with our body so we are allowing God to protect us not only spiritually but also bodily. By wearing these medals represent that our body also belong to God, that we allow God to live with in us because we want to be the House for God where He can dwell and then you are the walking temple of God as Our Loving Mother did Spiritually and Bodily.

After the apparition was over, we went to joint our family and our friends, and we share how did it go, then I said to my wife: Mammy, little michael was thirsty, and he did not want to scratch the medals or the crucifix so...... and I told her all the story how happened and her answer was:

Oh..... The crucifix of the Pope and the Miraculous medals they were so beautiful !!
Oh..... And now they are lost !!!
One friend said to her : Carmen!!! Don't worry about it, you never know !!!! May be someone who was very sick, found it and you never know !!!! May be he will be healed just by found it And my daughter Laura said: Ah!!! Ah!!... I don't buy it, that crucifix belong to our family, and I'm going to the apparition room to see if someone put it there on the lost and found box, and If not I'm going to let a note telling that medals belong to our family and we wanted back!!!! So she went to the apparition room and look at the box and was not there so she wrote a note saying:
To Whom it may concern: We are the Demoreta's Family and we have lost a crucifix with two miraculous medals on a chain, if someone found it, Please know that they belong to our Family, and we wanted back. Thank you and God bless you. Laura.
The Day after the apparition, Tuesday 14Th of 1992, we all went back to our daily work, and my son Joaquin had schedule to go to our Church to cut the grass of seven acres with the Church tractor and my wife will drop him at the church on her way to work. So at seven o'clock in the morning she went to my son room and turning on the light she said :
Joaquin !!! I'm late to work, if you don't wake up now and get ready, I'm leaving you here, and I will not give you a ride to the church !!! Joaquin was sleeping embracing his pillow, was not all the way awake, but he felt that his hand was taking away of the pillow and a kind of medals and chain was put on his hand, that woke him and he call his mother saying: Ma-mm..... !!!! My wife thought that he change his mind so he will not go to the church that day and she can leave to work with out him, and entering in the room said: What. My son ask her: Why did you give me this chain and medals ? My wife request: What ? and Joaquin respond : Why did you give me this chain and medals ? My wife answered: Joaquin !!! I didn't give you no chain and medals!!! Then my son respond: Am I crazy or what !!!! Who put then this medals in my hand ?My wife: Joaquin I didn't gave you no medals, let me see them !!!! and when she look, she said :
Joaquin !!! It is the medals and chain that Michael lost at the water station, look !!
Has the rings as you put it with your mouth !!
Joaquin said: What !!!!! Let me see !!!!

We don't know Who put that chain and medals on the hands of my son, because no body saw it, could be Our Lord, Our Loving Mother, an Angel, a Saint, someone in Heaven, we don't know because we didn't saw it. But what we know is that this Crucifix with the Miraculous Medals were in Heaven for one day. They were lost by Michael at the water station, and they were one day later put at the hand of my son Joaquin, who said before that nothing special happened to him, he can't said that no more.

Oh my Jesus, forgive us our sins, save us from the fires of Hell, lead all souls to Heaven, especially those who are in most need of Thy Mercy.